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Image by Krys Amon
Image by Tyler Clemmensen


Looking for professional and experienced service in music entertainment ? Dive into Menace Malato's website and see for yourself the service and passion he has for what he does. 


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Steven Alardo
(Menace Malato)

 Steven has been passionate about music his whole life, by the age of 10 he started learning live sound at a local church and then later on became a Dj in High-school at the age of 17. Steven hasn’t had the easiest road as he was growing up, since the age of 12 he has been raised by his widowed mom. His father passed away and it was a very hard time for his family. Throughout this journey and finishing up High school Steven always found a way to keep his passion for music alive but did not have the finances to afford music gear. After high school Steven dedicated his time to finding the right career path and working hard to be able afford music equipment. Steven is now an experienced & professional Audio Engineer Graduate with years of experience in Music production. He also has  experience working with many local artists and collaboration with content creators, businesses, studios. 

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